F3k – Round 2 NI Series


The plan on the calendar had to change a little from a Bay of Plenty location to Hawkes Bay due to the Wellington guys committed but unable to travel way north and with four of them entered it was decided to relocate. We had our usual winter turnout with low numbers for this one even though the forecast for Hawkes Bay was great compared to rest of the country. We had nine very keen pilots and when I was driving to the field it felt like I was in the South Island with cold minus 2 degrees at dawn. Things got setup and we were under way around nine o’clock the air was great very soft and some really light lift around.  It was time to ensure no heavy inputs to the model.  We flew 2 heats per round with four pilots each heat for Saturday as one pilot was still in transit home from from a work trip in Asia. The two heat per round was a quick pace and a bit busy as you were either timing or flying, although the new timing system made it much easier to insert a breaks as needed to allow pilots to ensure that they were ready to fly. We had a couple of breaks and stopped for some lunch. Most of the day no one required ballast in their models and it was a single manufacturer showing with only the new Snipe 2 and the old Snipe 1 being flown. 

During the afternoon we proceeded into the task called “poker”, one that you have to nominate your target time before you launched your plane, and if you didn’t get that time you have to relaunch and try again until you achieve your nomination.  One keen idiot (Rowdy) called the lot approx. 9:59 and only managed just under 5 minutes before the ground got in the way-then it was just a walk of shame and a big fat zero! Joe also called the same in the next group but had better air available and got it with great success. Some called three minutes and really struggled to achieve this having about three goes. Most of the day there was some good air or lift somewhere you just had to find it and then stick with it. It was heaps of fun and quite a few 1000 we recorded during the day. Due to the cool weather (from the south) we called it quits around 3.30pm with nine rounds under our belt for a great day!  Just had to clean all the cow@#$% of our stuff!

The new sound and timing system has been upgraded with a remote.  The system ran very well and certainly is a big improvement, many thanks to Mickey Nowell in the US for designing and building the electronics. We run the scoring and F3K program from Glider Score and many thanks to Gerry Carter in Australia who now has it integrated very well with our display unit.

The Sunday morning was much warmer when getting to the field and unpacking and setting up. Unfortunately, there were some strong winds forecast. We kicked off into round 10 with three groups as the ninth pilot had made it home.  The wind started to come on with gusty and chopped up air.  By the third group it was getting a little hard for the less experienced pilots to continue so we decided to try a more sheltered field with a quick relocation to the Hastings Sports Park. As time was pressing it was decided to just do some all up last down tasks.  We did another four complete rounds in great air with the Bay Weather like usual playing along nicely. We had the windy wellington guys wanting to head home so it was all finished at 1PM. It was a great weekend flying and completing a total of 14 rounds. Thanks to everyone for helping us keep this going it was a blast and it’s great to see the new guys keep turning up! Clifton King, Kevin Campbell, Andrew Hiscock. Thanks to Joe doing the draw and completing the tireless task of punching in scores.

1 WURTS, Joe                          13000.0

2 WILLIAMS, Peter                    12426.3

3 BOTHERWAY, Kevin             12109.2

4 GLASSEY, Peter                    10881.4

5 CAMPBELL, Kevin                 10205.8

6 KING, Clifton                            9913.1

7 DRABBLE, Len                        9738.8

8 HALE, Rod                               9562.8

9 HISCOCK, Andrew                   4515.8

2018 F3K round 2 results.pdf

Soaring Rocks!!!!!    Next one is the Asia Pacific Open Singapore 24th August - Rowdy

19th - 20th  May NI F3B Round 1

This event was planned for the Matamata location unfortunately there was no field available a big thanks to Aneil Patel and Bill Derenzy for really spending some time for a suitable F3b field. With the field location unavailable and looking at the forecast for the weekend we decided on relocating to Hawkes Bay on the Tuesday before the event. This unfortunately had repercussions of four pilots dropping out Dave Larsen, Chris Kaiser, Ted Bealing and Ernest Klein. By the Friday night we had a total of nine keen “B” pilots which was enough to run the course and have a great competition. Joe Kev and Len snuck out for a quick secret practice on the Friday just to remember what it was about to fly a B glider as we hadn’t had the dust off them since last year! WOW strange conditions turbulent and lots of great thermals but far apart and some massive sink. With things planned for the course layout we left the field and few gathered for a night out at the Bare Knuckle BBQ spot.

The Saturday morning was a great day with the course laid out for the forecast we spent till about eleven launching with a slight downwind breeze but it was bearable for all for both duration and distance. The wind then changed we popped lots of ballast in for some go fast stuff! -Speed-task C. we did back to back speeds and Joe managed to clock a new NZ record 14.55 seconds! Then we achieved two back to back duration rounds to finish the day the last round being brutal air and no one achieved a full ten minute flight most were an average of around four minutes! We all entered in the loop roll and win and managed the manoeuvre sometime during the day. We then all meet up at the Westshore a craft beer restaurant for great night then all raced home to watch the royal wedding. 

Sunday morning was very windy in Napier it looked unlikely we would play today but on arrival at the field it was worth setting up as it looked real promising. We did round three distance with Len managing a 1000point round but his model was low and downwind with no energy and a cartwheel landing finished him for the day. David James was on launch went into the zoom only to rip his V tail off from an old repair but managed to save the model and land with very little damage. Neal moss had trouble with his number one model so changed to an old Caracho on launch the wings folded from an old repair but still looks as it will fly again as well. The wind built up and down to some great gusts and spectacular Lenticular cloud formations. We had and early lunch while the wind settled and managed the final round of speed before calling the competition complete. We then had pretty well all of us have an impromptu round of speed just for bragging rights great fun and thanks to all for effort put in we all enjoyed – great to see Andrew Stiver back in the game to!

1          WURTS, Joe                   9794.7

2          BOTHERWAY, Kevin     9110.7

3          THOMPSON, Richard    8987.7

4          WILLIAMS, Peter          8816.4

5          MOSS, Neal                  8508.0
6          GLASSEY, Peter           7820.0
7          STIVER, Andrew           7167.1
8          JAMES, David               6752.4
9          DRABBLE, Len             6605.0

Next F3B
7th and 8th July, Hastings Aorangi Road

2018 Series 1 F3B Round Scores
2018 Series 1 F3B Overall Results



F3k Round 1 - Hawkes Bay 21st - 22nd April


We got this competition away with a really lucky weather break. We had a planned field, our usual soaring site on Aorangi road.  When we arrived there early on Saturday it was blowing close to the FAI limit, somewhere around 30 kph on average with the forecast for increasing wind during the day. As luck would happen we had an alternative field potential southwest of Hastings, this field was desirable as it is more sheltered from the strong Norwester wind. Rod Hale did some fast footwork and got us permission to move to this site at very short notice. We did a quick shift to the new field.  After a very quick setup with everyone jumping to help we were flying around ten o’clock- which ended up being a stunningly a fantastic Hawkes Bay day.  Joe was making noise about the wind coming which it did in patches, with the last round on Saturday having some wild conditions when the strong wind finally arrived. We flew three groups in each round which gave most a break and everyone had some great slots and some that hurt a little. With our new clock system and speakers fired up we cracked through eight rounds to finish the day around 4.00pm. The thermal action was great, with quite small and sometimes well broken up. We had a full range of cloudy and sunny conditions and there were some real hard flights for all fliers. We had pilots from Welly right up to Hamilton.  It was great to see Wynn and Andrew Stiver back competing again! The Saturday night social was quite enjoyable, at a BBQ place in Hastings along with the aero boys who were also in town for a competition.

On Sunday
 we drove to the  field in rain and wind but had some hope for improvement.  We arrived at the field and the blue sky appeared, along with light winds, another great day in the bay! It was a day for various ballast selections as the wind varied from moderate strength down to light and fluffy fun conditions.

No one had any serious damage over the weekend.  There were around or more than 46 competition flights for each pilot – now that’s bang for the buck! With 15 rounds completed we had a results prizegiving with Joe 1st Rod 2nd and Kev 3rd.  This event was also the trials for the Asia Pacific Open in Singapore with the top three pilots representing New Zealand.  The APO will be held in August of this year.  We finished around two, which gave the visitors time to have chat and catch up at the end while packing up before starting the journey home.

A huge thanks to all that came and enjoyed the fantastic weather and flying and to Joe who prepared the draw and scores.

1              WURTS, Joe                           13991.5

2              HALE, Rod                              13684.0

3              BOTHERWAY, Kevin              13598.6

4              WILLIAMS, Peter                     13593.1

5              GLASSEY, Peter                     13189.1

6              ROBINS, Wynn                       12662.3

7              WARNER, Steve                     12046.2

8              HISCOCK, Andrew                 11781.3

9              STIVER, Andrew                    11704.7

10            DRABBLE, Len                       10974.8

11            CAMPBELL, Kevin                  10953.1
Round Scores 2018 NI Series
Overall Results 2018 NI Series

Soar Champs 2017

Soarchamps was planned for Aroangi Road soaring field in Hawkes bay with a four day schedule of various events – F3B, F3j,PD,ALES radian and F3k.Enteries were started a couple of months out and the numbers grew pretty quickly for attendance with talk of both south islanders and Australians coming. All we needed was the weather to play ball. We decided to have a practice day at the local club field (Awatoto) on the Wednesday and many started arriving for a warm up. The south islanders arrived at around midday and we had a great day getting ready.F3b was planned for the next morning and we managed 2 full rounds even with a setup and winch change to suit the wind. Many entered with their thermal ships and quite few flew there first F3b including Andrew Meyer from Australia. The wind build during the day but was not a problem for this event and there were some great times posted with Joe achieving huge amount of laps in his last distance with great air. 15 entries and some spare people allowed us to run 3 up in distance with ease and it was change to have so many on the course. We all meet up for an evening at a great location by the sea for a few beers and meals.
1st Joe Wurts

2nd Chris Kaiser

3rd Richard Thompson

Friday morning same time same place the field was laid out for F3J and F5J which we alternated with two rounds of each and achieved four complete rounds pushing our finishing time very late but with 17 entries in F3J and 16 in F5J. It was a debut competition for the Plus in NZ with Joe Wurts, Kevin Botherway and Ken Fox flying them. Many had Maxa’s all set up for with heaps of power no doubt that F5J is going to be a popular competition for the future and works well to alternate with F3J. For F3j everyone in NZ is starting to shoot some very good landing and this event is helping everyone improve. An evening was held in a function room at a local restaurant exclusively for the group a great night to catch up.


1st Joe Wurts                                                                                  

2nd Kevin Botherway                                                                      

3rd Andrew Meyer                       

 1st Joe Wurts
2nd John Shaw

3rd Rod Hale


Premier duration was flown until a two o’clock cut off. It was great to see everyone working with each other and the timing system kept it all rolling nicely. The day was started with some very hard rounds and limited lift conditions which did improve during the day we managed five rounds and had 18 competitors in this event.

1st Joe Wurts

2nd Andrew Meyer

3rd Peter Williams

Close to this event finishing many extra local competitors turned up for the Radian competition – probably the largest soaring entry for some time we ran three rounds at 30 minutes each and all had lots of laughs with some great air but also lots of early arrivals. We had an Australian (Mark Stone) clean us all up there is no doubt he does lots of practice with this event and can fly his esky well….

1st  Mark Stone

2nd Paul Lagan

3rd Dave Griffin

The Radian champagne fly off was the best mass launch ever seen rules were a 15 minute flight was required by this time we got down to about six competitors left in the air so to decide the winner a 2 minute time until the end of the flight and then a precision landing was required once again Mark Stone achieved the best time and landing to clinch the bottle of champagne. Of to another restaurant in Hawkes bay for a meal and wrap up of the day’s events.

The final day was F3k again with the weather holding out nicely for us we planned to fly until everyone had to depart around two. Again a great turnout with explanations of the tasks before each round. We got to round five and finally the Hawkes bay weather closed in on us and rain started to ensure it was all over. Time for a quick prize giving and some goodbyes and Soarchamps 2017 was done.

1st Joe Wurts

2nd Kevin Botherway

3rd Rod Hale

Many thanks to all the competitors for one of the best soaring events in a long time making the effort to enter and all for helping setting up. Special thanks to the guys on the soaring SIG David Griffin- entries, Len Drabble-loo etc, Joe Wurts-draws and scoring and Kevin Botherway CD ing.

Soarchamps champion

1st Joe Wurts

2nd Andrew Meyer

3rd Kevin Botherway

Joe Wurts and Kevin Botherway were successful aspirants to represent NZ in Romania F3J world championships 2018


Soaring rocks!


Soarchamps 2017 Results

2017 SoarChamps ALES Radian Detailed Results.pdf
2017 SoarChamps ALES Radian Results.pdf
2017 SoarChamps F3B Detailed Scores.pdf
2017 SoarChamps F3B Results.pdf
2017 SoarChamps F3J Detailed Scores.pdf
2017 SoarChamps F3J Results.pdf
2017 SoarChamps F3K Detailed Scores.pdf
2017 SoarChamps F3K Results.pdf
2017 SoarChamps F5J Detailed Scores.pdf
2017 SoarChamps F5J Results.pdf
2017 SoarChamps Premiere Duration Detailed Scores.pdf
2017 SoarChamps Premiere Duration Results.pdf

North Island F3B Round 2 – Matamata 2016

I had a great time this past weekend flying F3B!  It was nice to get out and fly some speed and distance, and thermal with a plane that isn't a Maxa (what a difference...).  Everyone pitched in and helped which made for a smooth running contest (excepting broken line issues, of which I had a few).  Attached are the results.  Let me know if you find any errors in my score entry.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with the annoyances of flying distance three at a time.  Having an additional plane in the sky really changes the dynamic of distance.  One possibility could be to try doing it similar to how distance has been run in some F3B comps in the US, with the caller working base A button in addition to calling.  This would reduce the pressures of having everyone working/calling/flying 100% of the time.  It does make for a bit more workload on the caller though.

I'm planning on putting in another line order for 300m and 400m rolls of japanese line (and see if they can color the line so that it is easier to see, I really like megaline in that regard).  Let me know if you want some.  As per the usual, I will bring in enough to last for a while.

Round 2 Results
Overall Results

North Island F3B Round 2 – Matamata 2015

This event (Formula One of soaring) was to be held on the previous weekend but we all agreed to push it back a week so a couple of the regulars could attend the Matamata event. We all assembled at the Waharoa cabins on the Friday Night for the usual catch up and prepare for the next day. The setup the following morning was a little slow and we did set up a downwind course which was a bit un-nerving but as predicted around 11.00 o’clock it swung around to be straight on the winches. We ran Duration for the first round with slight downwind launching which was fine for all competitors. On the Saturday we managed two complete rounds and duration for round three which put us well ahead to have 4 completed rounds for the weekend.

We had Len Drabble with his newly acquired Cyril F3b Model certainly improving on every flight and starting to record some very respectable times despite some worries about the timing function on his transmitter. Neal Moss recorded his first sub 20sec on day 2.

On the second day we had the same course already setup with again the downwind launching until the wind swung around and then had two back to back distance groups with some awesome match racing then into speed with everyone starting to get into the groove and flying some smooth and tight speed times the fastest being on the final run by Joe at 15.50. Peter Williams is really sorting his Fossa and had a PB of 15.50. Richard Thomson also popped in a PB of 16.99 even with real bad flutter on one aileron on his Fossa. Dave James made his Big Sting travel the fastest it’s ever been with a PB of 17.97. Most laps in distance was Peter Williams with 25 laps. There were lots of 10.00 minutes and 100 landing exactly as everyone improves in duration and the landing spot is so large compared to our other events, although the duration task had more influence than normal on the results due to the challenging air in the mornings. As per classic Formula 1 competition, the performance in the pits can be very important.  Kev demonstrated some fast pit work as he broke his fuselage on his first landing on Sunday, and got the plane repaired and ready to fly in just a few minutes.  He had to repeat his fast repair work a couple more times as the day progressed.

The Saturday night was a very quiet social night although thanks to Fraser Briggs turning up we had some great Indian Jokes and a catch up as the aero boys also had a competition and AGM on. We had planned to have the Monday there as a fun fly day but with the inclement forecast not to good we all abandoned this with and early start on the road home. Thanks to Aneil Patel for organising the field and accommodation- Dave James for sorting the loo and Len Drabble for once again bringing all the SIG gear up and Joe Wurts for doing the score calcs.

Joe Wurts flew his new and annoyingly bright Shinto with consistent results to earn 1st overall with Kevin Botherway not far off in second place and Peter Williams right behind him in third place.  Richard Thompson flew well to finish in fourth place a bit ahead of Dave Larson in fifth place.

1          WURTS,            Joe                   11934.8
2          BOTHERWAY,  Kevin                11734.4
3          WILLIAMS,        Peter                11659.7
4          THOMPSON,     Richard             11428.3
5          LARSEN,          Dave                11410.0
6          KAISER,           Chris                 11391.8
7          JAMES,            David               10303.8
8          MOSS,            Neal                  10104.5
9          PATEL,             Aneil                 9806.7
10         DRABBLE,        Len                   9466.9
11         BEALING,         Ted                   8262.9

2015 F3B Results after Round 2
2015 F3B Round 2 Results
2015 F3B Round 2 Flight Scores

F3K 2015 Results

2015 F3K Series 3 of 4

Soarchamp 2015 Results
Soarchamps 2015 Results
2015 Soarchamps - F3B Overall Results
2015 Soarchamps - F3J Overall Results
2015 Soarchamps - F3K Overall Results
2015 Soarchamps - Premier Duration Overall Results
2015 Soarchamps - RADIAN Overall Results

67th Nats Results
Event 053 Premier Duration Flight Scores
Event 053 Premier Duration Overall Result

Event 054 ALES200 Flight Scores
Event 054 ALES200 Overall Result

Event 055 Thermal A Flight Scores
Event 055 Thermal A Overall Result

Event 056 Thermal A RES Flight Scores
Event 056 Thermal A RES Overall Result

Event 057 ALES123 Flight Scores
Event 057 ALES123 Overall Result

Event 058 ALES Radian Flight Scores
Event 058 ALES Radian Overall Results

Event 059 F3J Flight Scores
Event 059 F3J Overall Results

Event 060 F5J Flight Scores
Event 060 F5J Overall Results

Event 061 F3B Distance Flight Scores
Event 061 F3B Duration Flight Scores
Event 061 F3B Overall Results
Event 061 F3B Speed Flight Scores

Event 062 F3K Flight Scores
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