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Free Flight Trial Dates for the Central Area.
Flown at Rayners Farm, Gladstone Road, Carterton.
Approx 0800 start.

MonthDate Rain Date
January    25th   26th
February     8th     9th
March    21st   22nd
April    25th   26th
May    23rd   24th
June     6th    7th
July     4th    5th
October    24th   25th
November    21st   22nd
December    12th   13th

Team selection F1D – World Champs 2020

This process is specific to the F1D World Championships, Slanic, Romania, 17-20 March 2020.


To be eligible for selection for the NZ team the following criteria will apply

- Be a current member of the NZMAA/MFNZ, resident in New Zealand, and approved by NZMAA Council.

- Have a current FAI competition license and be approved by the FAI.

- Have achieved the required Performance Standard below

- Team places will be awarded on the basis of the total of the best 6 flight times made that meet the Performance Standard below.

-  Irrespective of these Trials Scores “resident” New Zealand citizens will have first option on team places (resident is defined as someone living in New Zealand 185 days or more in the calendar year in which the trials are held.)



The year of 2019 is divided up into three time periods

1. May 1st to June 30th

2. July 1st to August 31st

3. September 1st to October 15th


- Two qualifying flight times are required from each time period.

- Times must be a minimum of eight minutes thirty seconds or above .

- A total of six times are required to be eligible for a team place.

- Overseas contest times may count.

- Flights must comply with the FAI rules for F1D.


Flight times are to be submitted to the FF Sig within one week.
Either by email -
Or by post to David Ackery, 19 Willcott St, Mt Albert, Auckland 1025

Please contact David Ackery, Dave Jackson (Northern) or Bill Long (Southern) for more information and Trials dates and locations

IHLG rule Change

In the last issue of MFW there was a proposal to update the NZ rules for Indoor Hand Launch Glider.

The votes are now in - results are 18 in favor, and zero against. So with that resounding approval we can declare the proposed change has been successful and will now come into effect with 1) this publication here, and 2) approval by Council, which I expect will follow without any problem.

The effect of the change is to align the construction methods with the international class F1N which allows materials apart from balsa, so now you may use carbon fuselages and foam flaps. You can build from plans published overseas with confidence that it will be valid and comply in NZ.

You can find current designs on the internet in several ways
1) Youtube, search “F1N”
2) Google - search “F1N Plans”
If you need some plans of current designs I can email you some, contact me at

Or if you want a kit, try here, look for Cats’s Meow.

Building and flying these models is not a given, they take good skills and attentive work to build well, and then careful trimming is required to release the full performance. If you have any questions or need advice on building and flying please contact me and I will try to help.

Dave Jackson

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