Rule Changes Passed!

There are some changes afoot for the radio control aerobatics classes and events in New Zealand! We flew to these new rules at our latest competition, and everything worked really well! Our rule change remit passed the electronic vote, so now these changes are official and we will fly to these new rules starting (and including) at the upcoming Matamata Nationals!


So…. Have a read of all the new rules which are available for download here: scroll down to ‘pattern stuff’.


Here is a summary of the main changes:

- Sportsman Pattern renamed Clubman Pattern, Advanced Pattern renamed Masters Pattern - to avoid confusion with IMAC using the same class names.
- Introduce a new pattern class Expert between Clubman and Masters - this proved to be really popular at the last competition, and is a really nice sequence for those done with Clubman, but not yet ready for Masters.
Introduce a new event ‘Classic Pattern’ - for anyone with an old school pattern model, or use any design and blast around the sky!
Some small changes to allow a bigger variety of models in Clubman.
Normalising changed to match the new FAI method of normalisation.
Changes to the calculation of NZ National Aerobatics Champion.


New Rules

NZRCAA Pattern Rules v1.8 April 2018

NZRCAA Clubman Pattern Rules v1.3 April 2018

NZRCAA Clubman Pattern Call Card

NZRCAA Expert Pattern Rules v1.1 April 2018

NZRCAA Expert Pattern Call Card

NZRCAA Expert Pattern Aresti Left

NZRCAA Expert Pattern Aresti Right

NZRCAA Classic Rules v1.3 April 2018

NZRCAA Classic Call Card

NZRCAA Classic Ribbon Diagram

NZRCAA Classic Aresti Left

NZRCAA Classic Aresti Right

Original Classic FAI Sporting Code – for interest only

The aerobatics SIG (also known as the New Zealand Radio Control Aerobatics Association – NZRCAA) looks after and promotes both pattern (precision aerobatics) and IMAC (scale aerobatics) in New Zealand. While both involve flying aerobatics, the schedules and type of model required to fly at a top level are quite different. Pattern requires models of less than 2 meters wingspan and length, weighing less than 5kg. These typically do not look like full size aircraft, with the designs optimized over the years to perform the maneuvers required with great precision. IMAC on the other hand is best flown with a larger model, which must resemble a full size aerobatic aircraft – except for basic (the introductory class) where any model goes!


There are three pattern classes flown in NZ. Sportsman is for those starting out (a 40 size low wing model is ideal) - his is flown to a local set of New Zealand rules. Then you can progress to advanced and F3A which are flown to an international set of rules. The sportsman schedule is not difficult, but is a challenge to fly well. Come and have a go!


IMAC has several classes (basic, sportsman, intermediate, advanced, and unlimited). You start out with basic or sportsman, and then progress as your skills develop. This class is flown to an international set of rules, available from the links below.


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Rules for Pattern (Precision Aerobatics)

New Zealand RC Pattern Rules

Sportsman Rules

FAI rule book for Advanced and F3A, please visit and scroll down to Sporting Code, section 4, F3 Aerobatics to get the current version.


Rules for IMAC (Scale Aerobatics)

Visit to download the latest schedules, rule book, and judging guides.


NZRCAA website


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