The 75th MFNZ Nationals are not far away now.

The program of events can be found here

Remember the 75th Nationals starts on the 2nd January with registration office opening at midday on the 1st January 2023.

Online entries opened on the 1st October 2022, click here

********** NATS NEWS *********

17th November 2022

Soon you will be trying to wedge “just one more fuselage” into the car and heading to Clareville.

Octobers Early Bird promo was a hit, over 80 registrations received, and all in the draw for those prizes. Well done !! This month we are focusing on getting some newbies to come and fly at the nats, by giving them a sweet discount if they pre register. See more info below. If you are an avid “Nats Goer” do you know a newbie that might be keen come and have a go ?

RC Pylon fliers – You may or may not be aware that RC Pylon actually starts on the afternoon of 1st of January (that’s the rego day) and concludes on the 2nd of January (Day 1 of the Nats). We are starting to find that some guys have entered Pylon, but not actually looked at the programme. We have done this a couple of times now, it’s a cunning way to get an extra half day of flying on RC1, without having to extend the nats out by a day. This means you might need to drive to the Nats a day earlier than you thought, but don’t worry, you can enjoy some New Years eve bubbles with the Nats Management team. We will look after you.

Nationals Shirts !!!! We are now taking orders for Nats Shirts.

Cut off is 30th November so they can be made in time for the Nats. $70 each.

Murray Race, the MFW Magazine Legend, has come up with a one off special 75th Anniversary shirt design. The base colour will be a silvery grey with the Nats logo laced with gold. We are sure they are going to be great. We did shirts last year and they were a hit … yes we know last years shirt was very bright, and we’ve tamed it down a little. They are made from that nice breathable material, so when you are out in the brutal Wairarapa sunshine (or rainshine) your condition will be “just right”. Very smart with a collar of course, these things will be spotted at flying sites for years to come. Right now we are waiting on the shirt company to send us a 3D looking mockup, in the meantime Rowdy did his own version of a “Copy and paste” with the printer, scissors and tape, in true modeller style.

This could be you in 2023 !!!


********** NATS NEWS *********

1st November 2022

Newbies Promo !!!
We want new people to come and have a go at the Nationals.
Over 100 people come to the MFNZ Nationals every year, and have a great time flying, and even more so, catching up with old friends.
To this end we are offering a “Newbies promo”.
Register for the Nationals before the 1st December (you don’t have to pay till you show up, but we want you to register early), then go to the Nationals, fly in at least one class, post a score, and if it’s your first time ever at the Nationals, we will give you back your registration fee !!!
Thats right … rego fee cash back scheme for newbies.
This means you could have go at something like Radian Glider for only $10. Or RC Novice Scale / RC Quickee Pylon / Clubman Pattern Aerobatics, only $20. All of the SIGS have an entry level class that you can have a go at. Of course we want you to have a go at as many things as you can, the Nats is all about doing lots of flying over 5 days.
What about Juniors ? Well guess what …. they already get free registration, and free entry to most of the events !!
Now for you guys that are already avid “Nats goers”, please spread the word about our newbies promo. Try to get someone you know to come and have a go. By dropping the rego fee we are hoping it will encourage some new guys to come and have a go, and find out what the Nats is really all about.
Here are some photos of previous nats action … hey I could do that ??

********** NATS NEWS *********

1st October 2022

Early Bird Promo !!!!
Register for the Nationals before 1st November, and not only will you save a few bucks on your registration fee, but you will also go into the draw for some prizes sponsored by HOTRC, New Zealands biggest importer of modelling gear.
Up for grabs, the main prize is a “Dream flight Ahi kit complete with servos and RX batt, RRP $575” plus a selection of other modelling goodies that HOTRC have sponsored (even something for you C/L and F/F guys).
Total value of the goodies up for grabs, totals nearly $1000 RRP !!!
Prizes will be drawn at the Nationals final prize giving.
Big thanks to HOTRC for their support, click their logo below to visit the website.
How do you get in the draw ? It’s easy, just register for the Nats before 1st November. You don’t need to pay your registration fee until you actually show up to the Nats.
So fill in the boxes, and you are done. If you’ve already entered the Nationals in October, you are in the draw. Well done !!
Last year approx 30% of the Nats registrations were received in October, and we are trying to lift that number to help with our planning.
Click here for the Nats Online Entry page.
Some photos of the main prize, click images for more details.