Event Entry Lists

As with previous Nationals, these can be supplied electronically as a Comma-separated Values (CSV) file for each event. This is a generic format which can be read by people and by programs such as Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc. This year, we will also supply the file as an Excel file. However you will need Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc on your machine. Note that if you enter the results on your smart phone, Excel is free to download!!

In exceptional circumstances, we can produce printed entry lists however we would prefer the electronic method as it streamlines the process (as long as the results for the events are supplied electronically).


The preference, this year, is email for distributing entry lists and receiving the results electronic file back. This way, you don’t need to pop up to Nats HQ to drop of a USB stick (not that we discourage visits to Nats HQ). We request that the CD’s of events, get the results back to Nats HQ in a timely fashion as it helps to spread the load of processing of results so that we don’t have an almighty rush on the last day before prize giving. It also means the results can be published to the web quicker. We appreciate that the weather can cause delays in running events and therefore getting the results to Nats HQ. Hopefully we will have a good run of weather like last year.


Last year we trialed using the web server to retain a repository of event lists for each SIG by Date (start date of the event). This way each CD can go to the web server and download the entry lists for a particular day. You can use a laptop/tablet or smartphone (you just need access to the internet). This is the link https://www.modelflyingnz.org/Admin/Nationals2022/   You can then drill down to the date of the event and then all the events for that day will appear. If you feel this is too technical for you, we can use email or a USB stick. Typically you would edit the file with Excel or LibreOffice (this is a ‘free’ office compatible suite of programs). You can edit the file with a text editor but its not recommended. Using Excel or LibreOffice is the best way to edit the file.

The format of the file is:

  •  Nationals ID (No.)
  •  Event Code
  • Event Description
  •  Start Date
  •  Start Time
  •  MFNZ No
  • Full Name
  • Initials (blank)
  • Score
  • Placing
  •  Points
  •  Comments


The key fields for you as CD’s are the Placing and Points columns, these need to be populated. As the system has to cater for different scoring systems, the most important column is the Placing column followed by the Points column. These are the only 2 columns you need to enter. Feel free to add comments to clarify any issues with any of the results.





If you have ‘entries on the day’, please include the entrants MFNZ number and club if possible so we can easily identify and add these entrants.  If you are unsure that an ‘on the day’ entry is a financial member of the MFNZ, please call Phil Eldridge on 0274 468 122 and we can check. Although we do not like turning away non financial entrants, they can join as temporary members for the Nationals.