MFNZ-News is an an email based news group (or "list") for members of the MFNZ (Model Flying New Zealand) to keep each other informed of the latest news and events in their area. Members from around the country (and overseas) are on it, and it's simple to use. When you send an email to the list, it is copied and sent to every person on the list. They can then reply directly to you, or to the list. This provides for an excellent method of discussions, problem solving and general chit chat about Aeromodelling!

MFNZ-News is managed and moderated by the MFNZ and the service is provided by Yahoo! Groups. Anyone with an email address can subscribe to MFNZ-News. Once subscribed you can post your notices via email. Remember that postings are checked by our moderator before release to the group, so there will be a delay before your message is distributed. Note that since December 2019, this news group no longer supports any user content; it is purely an email group.

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