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Welcome to Model Flying New Zealand (MFNZ)

Model Flying New Zealand promotes and manages model aircraft flying in New Zealand. We run national competitions, help modellers to complete overseas, support fun fly-ins and rallies, develop safety guidelines, produce a magazine (four times a year) called Model Flying World, supply insurance for members, encourage clubs and liaise with Government bodies, the Civil Aviation Authority, Radio Frequency Services and other organisation. In short, we do our best to see that you can fly your model in as safe environment as possible and enjoy this fun sport.


How to Safely Fly Your Drone

If you are operating a drone, you are a pilot and therefore have a shared responsibility for the safety and security of everyone.

There are basic rules you must follow to ensure you are flying your aircraft safely:



Aviation Safety Concern with Arducopter Pre 3.6.11 firmware.

Please be aware that there has been a recent accident due to loss of the flight controller which is believed to have been caused by ArduPilot causing the main processor to crash. Read more here.


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