John Ensoll (1931 - )

First experienced aeromodelling when he saw a model being built by a school teacher about 1937. In 1938 his father brought him a rubber model kitset (bamboo, tissue, banana oil and wire construction) built and flown inside the house!!

John joined the Wanganui Aeromodellers 1945-49, was a Founder member of North Shore model aero club 1950-52, then moved to the Christchurch MAC, with gaps, till now and been a life member of the Christchurch MAC for 10years.

In 1950 John joined Aircraft Services Ltd at Mangere Aerodrome (now Auckland International), the base of the Auckland Aero club, as a "Boy".

Transferred to National Airways Corporation in Palmerston North as an apprentice, he became a Aircraft engineer, licensed on engine overhauls, then an engine shop inspector, moved to the technical section where he worked until retirement.

During this time John learnt to fly the Tiger Moth and Auster, and worked on AeroClub aircraft including the Beech Staggerwing.

Was part of production team producing Easicut lawn edging tool in spare time to fund his modelling habit.

Johns modelling career has not been continuous with wife, family and fishing interrupting (as they do).

With Dave Griffen, John became "Canterbury Sailplanes", building the ARTF sailplane "Prima" (over 100 of them) thereby encouraging thermal soaring in NZ. Also produced slope soaring foamies, literally thousands of models for New Zealand and export sales.

He a committee member for the inaugural Trans Tasman R/C 1974 consisting of pylon racing, aerobatics, with thermal soaring as a supplementary event. The committee then created the Cirrus Trophy for club team competition (in the Christchurch area) in thermal soaring to class D rules (formula 500)

Attended many nationals Wanganui, Hamilton, Fielding, Carterton, Invercargill, Christchurch, Omaka, he enjoyed numerous successes, mainly in Free Flight and, later, in R/C Soaring.

Positions held in the CMAC. Currently Club President 2003,4,5. Soaring liaison officer for 7 years. Free flight liaison officer for 5 years. Torque editor for 3 years. Secretary for 1 year. Held positions on the S.I.M.A.A. for a number of years.

John is also currently on the Air Users Safety Committee which overseas the activities of all users of the airspace around Christchurch, putting forward the aeromodelling perspective.

John also has been a member of the Soaring S.I.G. and been contest director for Thermal soaring at club and Nationals.

Currently John is revelling in the resurgence in Vintage modelling with several old designs coming off the building board lately.

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