Welcome to Model Flying New Zealand (MFNZ)

Model Flying New Zealand promotes and manages model aircraft flying in New Zealand. We run national competitions, help modellers to complete overseas, support fun fly-ins and rallies, develop safety guidelines, produce a magazine (four times a year) called Model Flying World, supply insurance for members, encourage clubs and liaise with Government bodies, the Civil Aviation Authority, Radio Frequency Services and other organisation. In short, we do our best to see that you can fly your model in as safe environment as possible and enjoy this fun sport.

Night Flying is currently not permitted until further notice Folks...

The MFNZ CAR 102 is currently under review by CAA and until the latest version is approved MFNZ members are not permitted to fly at night. This will hopefully be resolved in the next few weeks.

Paul Clegg
Administrator, Model Flying NZ
Email : admin@mfnz.org

  The MFNZ 75th Nationals 2023
now has definitive dates namely 2nd to the 6th January 2023 so start getting organised for a great nationals experience. Click here for the Nationals Website.

  MFNZ 74th Nationals 2022.

click here to go the MFNZ Nationals website
A great success... 110 contestants with events over 5 days. Follow this link to view the results.

View a great 5
minute video of
these nationals

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