New Rule 2.4GHz radio use in Control Line Scale models

New Rule 2.4GHz radio use in Control Line Scale models

Postby mikef » Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:01 am

At the SIG AGM held at the last Nationals the following new rule was adopted.

"2.4 GHz wireless control may be used for secondary functions, including but not limited to throttle control, flaps and retracts. Elevation must be controlled by one or more lines operated by the flyer"

As the SIG uses the FAI Competition Rules an exception note will be added to the Rules section on the F/F & C/L Scale SIG page on the web.

Gerald Wimmer submitted the Rule Change and attached is an article and photos he has supplied on his experience.

2.4 ghz for control line scale article.doc
Gerald Wimmers Article
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Test model.jpg
His slightly worn test model
The R/C Car controller
Controller converted to a control line handle
Electric setup.jpg
Electric setup at the lead-out point at the wing tip
New Model.jpg
New Model
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