AMAC fliers at the BMFA Scale Nats Report by S Mauger

AMAC fliers at the BMFA Scale Nats Report by S Mauger

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AMAC fliers at the BMFA Scale Nats – By Stan Mauger

After some enjoyable contest experience at the 2012 BMFA Scale Nationals at RAF Barkston Heath, Ricky Bould and myself ventured there to compete again last August. We were joined by Don Spray who came as a supporter and spectator.

Ricky was a little better prepared than I, having his AOP9 in power scale and Comper Swift the CO2/electric event; both well trimmed models. Having realized back in April that I could not both complete and trim my Vincent project in time, I turned to my larger Antarctic Auster for power scale. This model needed a bit of finishing off and time to trim. A couple of reasonable flights close to departure time gave me some confidence that it should be a safe choice. Once again, Bill Dennis, was CD of the Free flight scale events and did this well.

Static judging of Power, CO2/electric and rubber scale free flight scale events on the Saturday was followed by the flying part of these events, flown in three rounds on Saturday and then Sunday evenings. In our terms, the first evening was relatively calm, but not a match for the calm conditions that we tend to fly in, on our early morning scale days here. The Sunday evening was challenging initially but settled down towards the end of the evening. Both of our power models suffered from the turbulence on the second evening. Like other competitors, we were both caught with the 30 second minimum flight time in some power scale flight attempts. Very disappointing.

Bill Dennis’s RE8 retained its first place spot, with very high static and flying points in the Free Flight Scale Power event. However, Mike Smith had his Sopwith Cuckoo flying well at the end of the second evening and with good static marks, made second place. After some persistence, and after being caught with the 30 second rule, Gary Odgers from Australia had a good enough flight and static marks with his Albatros CIII to make third place.

Ricky’s AOP9 flights were smooth, particularly on the first evening. The model took off nicely from the superb Barkston runway. Having mistakenly swapped wing struts I was dismayed to find my Auster turning tightly, something it had not done on test flights. I was also having trouble taming the Hurricane diesel. By the time that the results were in, Ricky had done better in flying and I had better static marks, with just two points between us, it put him in seventh spot and myself in sixth.

With nice ROGs and good flying pattern, Ricky made fourth in CO2/Electric, but he was up against stiff competition from nicely trimmed models flown by the top three place-getters. Derek Knight won the event with an immaculate Westland PV6, Charlie Newman was second with his lovely RWD 8 and Bernie Nichols made third with his smartly finished Piper L4 (proving that Piper high-wingers can be competitive).

In Rubber Scale, Andy Hewitt once again made first place with his beautifully built and well proven Morane Monoplane, followed in second place by Derek Knight’s Avro 560 monoplane and in third, Ivan Taylor, who could fairly claim to have had the best flights of the contest. The stability and presence of this SE5a in the air left everyone in awe. We were grateful to Brian Waterland from Peterborough Model Flying Club for his continuing background support that helped us throughout the contest. Special thanks to Brian and Mick Page for supplying most of the photographs for this report
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