NZ Team Australian Hop-Cross trophy and F4A

NZ Team Australian Hop-Cross trophy and F4A

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F4A Trans Tasman Team Challenge - Stan Mauger
This year’s Trans Tasman event for free flight scale was once again held in ideal conditions. After six consecutive years of calm weather for Trans Tasmans, NSW State Champs and Australian Free Flight scale at Richmond, one can be forgiven for asking “can it be anything else?” Two events were offered with a concurrent free flight rally. They were F4A Free Flight Power Scale for the Hope-Cross Trophy Challenge and Free Flight Rubber Scale for the Reg Jude Trophy.

The New Zealand team for F4A comprised Ricky Bould, George Fay and Stan Mauger. Ricky had some great flying from his AOP9. On the best flight, the model rolled along the sparsely grassed take-off surface of the turf farm in a textbook take-off. The model then performed an excellent climb-out and cruise. After a circuit of the farm it came in for a smooth landing, and roll-out not too far from the judges. It was a flight good enough to gain him second place for the day and highest team points. Stan Mauger’s little Antarctic Auster flew well from a hand launch but take-off attempts were hampered by engine cut-out later found to be a result of castor build-up around the transfer passages of the cylinder liner in the Merlin, pushing his model well down the points table to fifth in the team Challenge. If there was an award for perseverance, George Fay would have been awarded it. He made numerous flight attempts with his Douglas Dauntless, eventually, with a little help from Ricky, getting it to fly a good circuit of the field. By this time, however, the right-hand wing mount had become loose and the model kept re righting itself with the dihedral effect of the left-hand wing. He received the Most Dramatic Arrival award. The team was up against some strong competitive flying by the Australian Team. In Team points Gary Sunderland’s very detailed Taube scored second and Gary Odgers third with his Gloster Gannet, a model that is well trimmed and set up for contest flying. Rubber Scale was less well supported by either team and our team missed getting on the board.

Phil Mitchell. Tiger Moth DH 82 A 1453.6
Ricky Bould. Auster AOP9 1385.7
Gary Sunderland Taube 1349.5
Gary Odgers Gloster Gannet 1319.4
Roy Summersby FE 8 1302.6
Stan Mauger Auster C4 1277.0
Robert Craine DH 60 1017.5
George Fay Douglas Dauntless 919.5

Hope-Cross Trophy
Australia 3971.5
New Zealand 3582.2

Special Awards
People’s Choice Robert Craine DH 606
Spectacular Arrival George Fay Dauntless
Next Time Tahn Stowe Piero Magni 3/1
Ricky Bould Phil Warren.jpg
Ricky Bould. Auster AOP9
PMitchell Tiger.jpg
Phil Mitchell. Tiger Moth DH 82 A
George tuning Dauntls.jpg
George Fay Douglas Dauntless
Gary Odgers Gloster Gannet
BCraine Gipsy.jpg
Robert Craine DH60 Gipsy
Auster C4 Be lineup.jpg
Stan Mauger Auster C4 and BE Roy Summersby
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