CAA consultation on remotely piloted aircraft

CAA consultation on remotely piloted aircraft

Postby jonathanshorer » Mon Mar 17, 2014 11:55 am

There is an email circulating which seeks to lobby the Transport Minister to influence the current process being undertaken by the CAA. This process to bring up to date the legislation surrounding the operation of UAV/RPA has been going on for some time and is presently nearing the end of it's first public consultation phase. MFNZ were sent a copy of the consultation paper in Dec 2013 and responded, in full, in the early part of this year. The recent email is factually incorrect in some respects, poorly conceived and not at all helpful to the process. MFNZ does not support this lobbying request and urges members to ignore it.

A copy of the MFNZ response to the CAA paper is available on request.
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