NZ Team F/F Scale at Australian Nationals 2013

NZ Team F/F Scale at Australian Nationals 2013

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Australian Nationals, Richmond, NSW - Stan Mauger
A small contingent of Auckland MAC scale fliers including Ricky Bould, Stan Mauger and
Don Spray made the journey to Richmond, an hour or so North West of Sydney to fly in
F4A at the Australian Nationals on the first weekend in July.
The F4A Free Flight Power class was to have been run at the main Australian Nationals
earlier in the year but had to be postponed and run in early July. The venue was a turf
farm near to the Richmond RAAF Base. Apart from the buzz of competing with a larger
group of free flight scale fliers, this event also offered the opportunity to enjoy flying in the
large space of the farm. The grass surface was short enough for models with moderate
sized wheels and the road into the farm was smooth enough for smaller models to ROG.
Day one was quite flyable but not ideal so the event was postponed to the following day.
This was a good decision because the conditions then were excellent, with only an
occasional hint of breeze. In the F4A class each New Zealand competitor had their
models flying well. After adding some nose weight and changing to a lower pitch
propellor, on his Heinkel He46 Don Spray had this model flying well.
Don Spray about to launch his Heinkel He 46.

Ricky Bould showed obvious relief to have tamed his Auster AOP9. His first flight was a wide circuit of the field and a smooth landing close to the launch point.
Ricky Bould's Auster AOP9 awaiting static judging
Stan Mauger had his new small Auster C4 Antarctic, but had only managed one test flight before the event. The model flew slowly with a very a stable flight pattern and with the bonus of an ROG, using the road for take off, was able to win the contest.
Stan Mauger's Auster C4 Antarctic took off from the road.

The Australian fliers also had some great flights in the F4A class. Gary Odgers’ Sopwith
Dove, now a well flown model, looked great as it made circuits over the field. He scored
well making second place. Fred Roberts, also an experienced flier, had his Australian Avro
504 doing some lazy circuits, looking most attractive in flight and gaining him third place.
Quite the most ambitious model in the contest was Tahn Stowe’s Hawker Hurricane.
This is a huge model with lots of detailing. He managed some launches and taxi trials,
but the model needed more power and he plans to change the engine from an ED Comp
Special to an ED 3.46 Hunter. Bob Craine was unlucky to lodge his Chrislea Super Ace
in a tall tree on the bank of the Hawkesbury River just beyond the farm, and unable to
retrieve it to continue in the contests.
“Flight of the day” was won by Roy Somersby with his electric powered FE8, that was
easily able to ROG on the short grass and then stooge around at realistic speed. In the
Reg Jude Trophy event for rubber powered scale models, Roy’s magnificent Focke-Wulf
TA152 deservedly took first. Fred Roberts’ small nicely built Moth Minor flew well and
earned him second place in this event and Phil Warren followed in third with his Westland
Wendover, a kind of tandem winged version of the Lysander. This light model flew slowly
in low circuits. While the day was a Nationals F4A scale contest, there were enough mod-
els from various classes to make it a rally day as well.

Results F4A Power Scale:
1. Stan Mauger Auster C4 Antarctic 1475 points
2. Gary Odgers Sopwith Dove 1350 points
3. Fred Roberts Avro 504 1281 points
4. Stan Hinds Auster AOP IV 1274.2 points
5. Roy Summersby Brandenburg 29 1171.5 points
6. Ricky Bould Auster AOP9 1151.5 points
7. Don Spray Heinkel He 46 1115 points
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