In Memory of Brian Borland (DH100)

In Memory of Brian Borland (DH100)

Postby Stuart Hellyer » Sat May 06, 2017 7:19 pm

It is with great sympathy I am the bearer of tragic news to advise of the passing of Brian Borland this morning at 0820.

Brian had recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was on a program for pain relief before starting a chemotherapy program. Unfortunately the rate at which the cancer spread had been quite overwhelming and he never reached the chemotherapy treatment program and passed away peacefully this morning in a North Shore Hospice. I visited Brian in the Auckland hospital last Friday week and he was clearly emotionally drained, but after a couple of hours he was the old Brian with witty anti- Aussie jokes and the odd bit of laughter which will be my lasting memories of him.

It would be difficult to find a man who has single handed done so much for the aeromodelling movement in this country. He has held countless office bearing positions throughout his life including the top job of NZMAA president down to my right hand for about 3 years when we changed the NZMAA into a fully registered club, He and his wife Heather established the Airsail business, which had worldwide reaches with their kits and innovative products. Brian actively participated in so many disciplines of the sport with such enthusiasm as many of you will know from his thread on this forum with the Vampire build. It was such a major part of his life.

I received a phone call from Brian's son Daniel this morning to advise of the news. At this stage there have been no funeral arrangements made and they would appreciate some privacy for the next few days.

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