Macdonald Memorial Award List of Recipients
Name Year Awarded for
L.H. Wright 1954 Contribution to the pioneering of early Radio Control systems in New Zealand.
F.D. Bethwaite 1955 Achievements of his achievements in the R/C field culminating in two world record for R/C sailplane flight.
F.D. Bethwaite 1956 Representing NZ on the International Board of the FAI.
A.R. Rowe 1957 Contribution to NZ Model Aviation and service on the NZMAA Council.
D.R. Kennedy 1958 No Record
J Sheppard 1960 Promoting Aeromodeling in NZ and overseas-Team Manager 1959 Wakefield and Nordic Teams in England- Representing NZ at the FAI meeting at Paris.
I.B. Barber 1961 Development and experimentation of R/C gliders cumulating in setting a world record in R/C Glider Duration of 9 hours 4 minutes.
W. Cook 1963 Establishment of the world respected Upper Hutt Bulletins providing plans, technical and general modelling information taken up by several overseas publications-representing NZ in three World championships-promotion of sport of NZ model aircraft generally.
P.H. Lagan 1968 Noteworthy model flying achievements-administrative work-promoting model flying as a sport particularly pylon racing.
M. Dilly (U.K.) 1971 Services towards NZ entries in World Championships acting a NZ representative and proxy flying NZ entries-NZ representation at FAI meetings in Paris-providing technical information to the NZ contest flyers.
G.H. Westland 1980 Development of high performance control line engines- contribution to control line especially in the field of safety.
R. Lewis 1987 Founder and editor of the FONZ News for Free Flight-representing NZ in five NZ International teams-administrative work on the F/F Advisory Committee.
W.A.A. Manson 1989 For work with young people fostering enthusiasm in the sport providing building and flying classes, and assistance at both National and International competitions.
M.R. Brider 1990 For outstanding work as Editor of the NZMAA publication The Flyer’s World in the development and professional presentation of the magazine.

L.H. Dickens 1991 Outstanding leadership and management as President of the NZMAA keeping the Association from folding due to lack of finances-establishing procedure manuals and missions and goals for the Association-introducing computer management systems for the Nationals.
B. Sutton 1992 Outstanding administrative work as the NZMAA and Nationals Recording Officer.
G and P Mildenhall 1994 Outstanding contribution as Editor and Assistance Editor of the NZMAA publication The Flyer’s World lifting its presentation and content to a world class publication.
M. Fairgray 1997 Outstanding administrative work as NZMAA Secretary producing operating and training manuals for Council, Clubs and SIGS, holding training courses for various individuals and committees-work as organising Secretary of the annual National Competition.
A.James 1998 For outstanding service to the NZMAA members as Liaison Officer for the National Competitions organising venues and permissions from the local land owners.
M. Race 2001 For services as Editor of the NZMAA publication The Flyers World for a period of 8 years.

S. Belworthy 2003 No Record
C. Murphy 2004 Outstanding service to the Free Flight members establishing an International Competition series in the South Island-Editor of the FONZ News letter- contributing reports and articles on NZ Modelling activities to overseas publications-promotion of F/F within NZ and overseas.
John Malkin 2005 No Record
A.J. Woodley 2008 Administrative duties at Club level-fostering model aviation with teaching and instructing many modellers-promotion of safety at club level.
Antony Groenewegen 2009 Administration services at Club, Regional and National level-Organiser of the 61st Nationals-principle organiser in the raising of funds to send a Club Junior to the International Junior F/F Champs.
Richard Tier 2010 Outstanding administrative service as a founding member of his club-fostering and training new members-driving force behind the establishment of his clubs flying site and amenities-fostering events such as pylon, MANZ rallies and scale competitions.
Allen Lawrence 2011 Outstanding service to his club as Secretary-represented NZMAA as Area Representative-competed in National and International competitions in C/L aerobatics and R/C Scale-fostering C/L flying-promoting aeromodeling with his willingness in helping and advising other modellers.
Peter Salmond 2012 Outstanding service in administration at Club level and as Area Representative for MFNZ
- organisation in raising funds to stage the Club display at the Wanaka Airshow and organisational duties connected with the display-promotion of model aviation at Club and MFNZ public displays at Wanaka Airshow
-fostering model aviation holding regular club "build nights" for young members
-participation at National and International Competitions.

Michael Taylor 2013 Michael was selected for the following outstanding service and achievement:- National Administrative Service:- Michael was the principle researcher and compiler of the first 50 years history of the NZMAA National Competition which resulted in the publication of a book with Michael being recognised as a co-author. Michael is also compiling the history of the NZMAA for the years 1948 to 1978 documenting and collating a vast amount of material contained in the NZMAA archives and from other members of the Association. This is of significant importance to the NZMAA and its members the result of which will see a permanent record being retained for the Association. Club Administration:- Michael is documenting the AMAC Clubs records and has served on the committee for 20 years in positions of Secretary, Treasurer, Bulletin Editor and Committee Member. Outstanding Achievement:- Completing the history of the Nationals and completing a significent portion of the NZMAA History Project which is on going.

Dave Falconer 2014 Dave has performed the following outstanding services for his Club and MFNZ membership. Administration Service: on Council in the position of president, Secretary and Treasurer on his club committee and principle organiser of the model presence at the International Wanaka Airshow. Competition: Contestant in several Trans Tasman events, South Island Radio Champion in the late 1960's. Fostering Model Aviation: Introduced model aviation at the International Wanake Airshow, arranged for a New Zealand aerobatic champion to display model flying at the show. This provided International exposure for the Association its members and model aviation in particular.

Don Robinson 2015 Don has demonstrated the true meaning of dedication and encouragement to his chosen sport Control Line. He has performed outstanding service to the NZMAA and its members as Recording Officer from 1955 – 1999 and has served on the Control Line Special Interest Group for many years. His dedication in promotion and support to Control Line competition both in New Zealand and Nationally is well documented. He is the holder of the MFNZ gold badge presented as having represented New Zealand in 5 international F2B and F2C events He has had a long standing involvement in the organisation and management of the Trans-Tasman, National and Club competitions. He was instrumental in establishing the control line circles at Clareville and New Plymouth. He has served in various positions in his Club.

Graham Main 2016 Graham has demonstrated the true meaning of dedication and encouragement to his chosen sport of model aircraft building and flying. He has performed outstanding service to the NZMAA and its members as Secretary of the Vintage SIG over a period of 14 years, Editor of AVANS for 12 years, promoted the sport of model flying with articles in the National Magazine Model Flyers world for a total of 14 years and serving as Contest Director at National events, all of which have been a major contribution to his chosen sport. Graham was a founder member of the Whangarei Model Aero Club, currently holding the position of Secretary, and has served in various committee positions in the club’s he has belonged to. Graham has participated in Scale, R/C, Free flight and Vintage events and has passed on his knowledge to others and provided initial training to many prospective fliers.

John Ensoll 2017 John has been involved at all levels of model aviation both personally as a competitor flying in his chosen disciplines of Free Flight and Radio Control Soaring and at a management level on his Club Committee serving in all positions over the years. He has contributed to the wider aeromodelling community serving on various committees including the Soaring SIG, SIMAA administration team, National and International Team Manager and currently represents RC Modelling on the Airspace Users Safety Committee that oversees the activities of all air space users around Christchurch. John served on the organising committee responsible for the inaugural 1974 Trans-Tasman Radio Control competition. John was awarded the MFNZ gold badge for six or more team representations including the 1970 Trans-Tasman Free Flight Competition. John also holds several National and International records. His service as Editor of the MFNZ “The Model Flyers World” allowed him to foster and benefit model aviation which is recognised in various published promotional information and training material. He has been involved in youth activities such as schools, ATC and promoting model aviation at air shows. He has designed a wide variety of soaring models which were instrumental in providing an affordable way for many to enter thermal and slope soaring disciplines.

Jonathan Shorer 2018 Jonathan has given outstanding service to the modelling community with his service as Area Representative for the lower North Island, service on Council as Area Representative, President and the Manager of the Nationals and continuing on in his present role as Secretary.
During his role as President he has written and reviewed many important documents including the Association Constitution, to modernise and standardise these documents. As Nationals Manager he has introduced new procedures to streamline the areas of administration and introduced a financing system which provided for the SIG’s to pay for their individual events costs. His commitment extended outside the duties as President as Team Manager for 4 NZ F3K and F3J world championship soaring teams, promoting MFNZ at many events and supported the new sport of drone racing organising drone racing at his own residence. His most noticeable service is representing the Association with the CAA and other aviation bodies to ensure that model aviation is represented and having a direct input on the many rule changes to ensure the existing rules concerning the operation of model aircraft were not compromised in any way.

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