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Model Flying New Zealand promotes and manages model aircraft flying in New Zealand. We run national competitions, help modellers to complete overseas, support fun fly-ins and rallies, develop safety guidelines, produce a magazine (five times a year) called Model Flying World, supply insurance for members, encourage clubs and liaise with Government bodies, the Civil Aviation Authority, Radio Frequency Services and other organisation. In short, we do our best to see that you can fly your model in as safe environment as possible and enjoy this fun sport.

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Complete with google earth map which pin points locations of flying sites around New Zealand. A list of model clubs can also be found. 
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MFNZ Latest News

This yearís AGM is being held at the Aviation Country Club located at the Aviation Country Club, 10 Uenuku Way, Tom Pearce Drive, Auckland International Airport on the 11th of July.

Combined SIG meeting - 10am
AGM - 1pm

All members welcome but please advise the Secretary if you are attending. Helps to ensure we have enough seating.

For those that cannot make it but wish to be heard I have attached a Proxy voting form.

It would be appreciated if these can be sent to the Secretary by June 30th so they can be entered into the system, so saving time on the day. Emailing a scanned copy is okay but please ensure your Proxy brings the original with them.

Most members give their Proxy to the Secretary or Area Rep but you can appoint any attending member.
The person with your proxy can be instructed in a number of ways.

Some let them vote how they wish or on their personal decision on a topic on the day.

Others want a vote placed in a set way, i.e. For or Against a motion or remit or to vote for a particular member for council if more than one candidate.

These instructions need to be entered on the lower half of the Proxy Form. This ensures your wishes are complied with.

If anyone has any questions, please contact the Secretary who is here to help.

Proxy Vote
Notice of Motion

There has been much discussion about the ideal time to hold the Nationals and it has moved a little over the previous 67 years from starting as early as 27 December in the 60ís to dates as late as this yearís event in 1994. What has become apparent is that it seems that the changing weather and farming practices have meant that the New Year is no longer the optimum time to be holding the Nationals in the Waiarapa. Having had a very successful event at Waharoa, some members expressed an interest in repeating the experience. However, our hosts, the Matamata Gliding Club were less enthusiastic about giving up some of the best soaring of the year. We have booked the showgrounds at Carterton for the period 21 Ė 28 March 2016 which falls over Easter and so we have some flexibility to schedule the event when members would prefer. You are therefore asked to vote for the dates that you would like.

Click Here to Vote for dates

Click to view the full proposal.

Multirotors are becoming freely available from many sources often with cameras attached and set up for video piloting known as First Person View.

Strict regulations exist for the use of model aircraft which includes multirotors of this type.  Before operating these model aircraft, you should be aware of the regulations which are available on the CAA website in Section 101.  Many MFNZ clubs have multirotor enthusiasts, you can contact a club from the link above and get detailed advice on where and how to operate these exciting models safely.  

Remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) must use the right radio frequencies, so they donít cause harmful interference to vital radio systems such as air traffic control, cellular phones, or emergency services.
People who use the wrong frequencies for their RPAS can be prosecuted under the Radiocommunications Act 1989 and the Radiocommunications Regulations 2001.

Check out for all the frequencies allowed for remotely piloted aircraft systems.

Up and coming Club Events
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   Lake Forsyth Float & Field
Lake Forsyth
29th-30th August 2015
Highbrook Scale 2015
Highbrook, Auckland
15th November 2015

NDC 2015 Calendar
Soaring Calendar